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3-1: Create config.json

The Pocket CLI uses a conf file to store configuration details for the Pocket Core software. By default the config file is located at ~/.pocket/config/config.json. In this document we'll look at how to create a new config file.


This process requires that you have jq installed. To install jq run the following command:

sudo apt install jq -y

To create a new config file, do the following:

  1. Create a default config.json file, add the seeds, set port 8081 to 8082, and increase the RPC timeout to 15000

    echo $(pocket util print-configs) | jq '.tendermint_config.P2P.Seeds = ",,,,,,,,,,"' | jq '.pocket_config.rpc_timeout = 15000' | jq '.pocket_config.rpc_port = "8082"' | jq '.pocket_config.remote_cli_url = "http://localhost:8082"' | jq . > ~/.pocket/config/config.json
  2. Verify the config.json file

    cat ~/.pocket/config/config.json