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AI Generated Technical Tutorials

Gabi is a bot that generates technical tutorial videos for Dabble Lab. We started building Gabi in 2019. Our initial goal was just to automate some of the manual video production steps. Now our vision is that someday Gabi will be able to create complete tutorials from only a short description of the topic. We aren't there just yet but we're getting closer for sure.

Here is an example of a tutorial video created with Gabi.

How does Gabi work?

Today, Gabi generates videos using project files created by humans. Project files define the tutorial flow, media assets, and the voiceover script. Gabi uses the files and media assets to perform text-to-speech, text-to-image, and text-to-animation steps along with a final video rendering step. In some cases, the script and media assets are generated using GPT-3 and other generative AI tools. However, soon Gabi will be able to generate the script and media assets too.

More Gabi Examples

Here are a few more examples of Gabi videos.