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Signing Info

A useful command for Pocket node runners is the pocket query signing-info [address] command. This command returns useful information about the node - like if the node is close to getting jailed.

To use the signing-info command, run the following command:

pocket query signing-info 80b80c106115259349df8ef06267cff7bbabd194

Replace 80b80c106115259349df8ef06267cff7bbabd194 with the address of the node you want to query.

You will see a result similar to the following:

"page": 1,
"result": [
"address": "80b80c106115259349df8ef06267cff7bbabd194",
"index_offset": 0,
"jailed_blocks_counter": 0,
"jailed_until": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"missed_blocks_counter": 0,
"start_height": 48370
"total_pages": 1

Things to note about the signing-info command

  • If the missed_blocks_counter is 4, the node will be jailed on the next block.